Christine Diem

As inbound marketing manager at Breezy Hill Marketing I aim to communicate the value of inbound marketing through helpful blogs and articles. I also really enjoy working closely with clients to develop a content strategy that is authentic and successful for their business!

Posts By Christine Diem

6 Minute Read

SEO vs Paid Advertising

Christine Diem   |     14, Feb 2020
3 Minute Read

The Perks of Using A Blog Calendar

Christine Diem   |     31, Jan 2020
5 Minute Read

How You Can Benefit From a Marketing Pla...

Christine Diem   |     24, Jan 2020
6 Minute Read

Using Analytics to Increase Sales

Christine Diem   |     16, Jan 2020
5 Minute Read

Have You Set Your Marketing Goals for 20...

Christine Diem   |     30, Dec 2020
4 Minute Read

Five of Our Top Blogs of 2019

Christine Diem   |     20, Dec 2019
5 Minute Read

What is Smart Targeting?

Christine Diem   |     16, Dec 2019
8 Minute Read

Content Marketing in 2020 - What to Expe...

Christine Diem   |     09, Dec 2019
6 Minute Read

B2B Marketing Content Doesn't Have to Be...

Christine Diem   |     30, Oct 2019
7 Minute Read

Successful B2B Content Marketing Tips

Christine Diem   |     18, Oct 2019
5 Minute Read

How to Leverage B2B Reviews

Christine Diem   |     19, Sep 2019

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