Audrey Plante

I love working with both visual and written communication. I excel at telling a brand’s story by combining my graphic design abilities and love of language to create eye-catching visuals for website and social media, and to craft articulate content for blogging and social posts.

Posts By Audrey Plante

The Pros of Having an Agency Ghost Write...

Audrey Plante   |     02, May 2019

How to Keep Up With Creating Twitter Con...

Audrey Plante   |     26, Apr 2019

How to Repurpose Existing Content

Audrey Plante   |     24, Apr 2019

4 Examples of Curated Instagram Accounts

Audrey Plante   |     19, Apr 2019

3 Tips for Successful HubSpot Onboarding

Audrey Plante   |     11, Apr 2019

The Benefits of Using HubSpot as a Marke...

Audrey Plante   |     02, Apr 2019

The Benefits of Working with a Vermont W...

Audrey Plante   |     28, Mar 2019

Why Should I Upgrade My Website?

Audrey Plante   |     21, Mar 2019

What We Learned from Implementing Pillar...

Audrey Plante   |     14, Mar 2019

3 Examples of Great About Pages & Why Th...

Audrey Plante   |     06, Mar 2019

How to Curate Your Instagram

Audrey Plante   |     26, Feb 2019

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