Audrey Plante

I love working with both visual and written communication. I excel at telling a brand’s story by combining my graphic design abilities and love of language to create eye-catching visuals for website and social media, and to craft articulate content for blogging and social posts.

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5 Minute Read

3 Things to Focus on for Marketing in 20...

Audrey Plante   |     02, Dec 2020
6 Minute Read

Why is User Experience (UX) Important fo...

Audrey Plante   |     11, Nov 2020
5 Minute Read

Using Twitter for Real Estate Marketing

Audrey Plante   |     27, Oct 2020
10 Minute Read

Your Marketing Strategy in Q4 of 2020

Audrey Plante   |     10, Sep 2020
8 Minute Read

How to Overcome Marketing Barriers in 20...

Audrey Plante   |     02, Sep 2020
5 Minute Read

Using Video for B2B Tech Marketing

Audrey Plante   |     27, Aug 2020
4 Minute Read

How to Help During COVID-19 in Vermont

Audrey Plante   |     30, Apr 2020
6 Minute Read

Why & How to Use Graphics for Social Med...

Audrey Plante   |     27, Nov 2019
6 Minute Read

Design Best Practices for Digital Market...

Audrey Plante   |     27, Sep 2019
3 Minute Read

The Pros of Having an Agency Ghost Write...

Audrey Plante   |     02, May 2019
3 Minute Read

How to Keep Up With Creating Twitter Con...

Audrey Plante   |     26, Apr 2019

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