Web Design Statistics in 2020

Understanding and keeping up with the latest web design trends and statistics can really help to create a stunning and SEO-friendly website. Web design technology is evolving at a fast pace which only strengthens the need to stay on top of the market.

Whilst many people believe web design is all about creating a beautiful website, it’s actually much more than that. Without a responsive web design which considers the entire user journey, conversion rates, SEO, and user happiness could diminish very quickly.

A business could have the most amazing looking website, but if it doesn’t function in the correct way, or doesn’t work on all devices, then people will quickly abandon it and choose a competitor whose design is user-friendly.  


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Web design is just one ingredient in the recipe to create a great website. Think of it as the pastry to a pie; it’s a core base that is built upon to create the perfect savoury treat, then it wraps around the edges to ensure all of the other ingredients don’t spill out and get missed.

Did you know that if your website doesn’t load fast enough due to poor design techniques and coding, visitors will abandon your site and go elsewhere? The average user spends just over 2 minutes on a website, so it’s essential to grab their attention quickly and offer call-to-actions (CTAs) that drive conversions, fast. 

Your website’s homepage creates a first impression for your visitors, as it’s often the first page they will land on - learn more about great homepage design from these examples.

For more essential web design statistics, check out the infographic below created by UK Web Host Review to get your taste for the latest web design trends for 2020.

55 Web Design Statistics in 2020

55 Web Design Statistics in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

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