Follow These 4 Tips to Pick the Freshest Blog Topic Ideas

We all know that blogging is a critical part of inbound marketing, but how do you actually decide what to write about... especially when your supply of early ideas runs dry, and you're not sure what is left for you to say?

This is a hurdle that every blog writer will eventually face, so today I'm going to show you how to overcome it.


How to pick the best blog topic in four easy steps:


1) Write about what interests you

Start by reading the blogs of other people in your industry, and looking for topics that excite you. If something interests you, there's a good chance it will interest members of your audience as well!

If you're doing a lot of blogging, try checking the news for your industry each morning and blogging about whatever is happening.

The reason for this is simple: People tend to write better when they're talking about subjects that interest them. Ideas flow more naturally, their writing becomes smoother, and they come across as real people in their writing.

These connections can grip readers and keep their attention through the entire piece.

Writing about fun topics also helps to prevent burnout.

If you're not interested in what you're writing, then it's going to take far longer to get out even a short blog post, much less a post of the length and quality that will get it to the top of a search page's results.

That said...

4 Ways To Choose A Blog Topic2) Pick topics that will benefit your company or achieve your business goals

You can't talk about just anything - in some way, the topics you choose should either benefit your company, or advance you towards your goals.

In most cases, this means asking one question: Why should your audience care?

If there is genuinely no reason for them to care about a topic, then don't blog about it.

On the other hand, if you can explain why something is important to their lives, likely to affect them, or otherwise relevant to your interests, you'll have their attention as soon as you start explaining that.

Google Analytics is a good tool for this because it can help you understand what your audience is searching for and what they tend to do once they have that information.

Basically, your blog should be an overlap between what you want to write about and what your audience wants to read about. This is the sweet spot where it's fun for everybody, and if you haven't found that spot yet, keep looking.


3) Get new keywords

Keywords are still an important part of searches and inbound marketing - and the keywords you're using could be a treasure trove of ideas for blog posts.

Websites like Keyword Tool can generate new keywords for you based on actual searches people make (i.e. things your audience cares about), and you can use each of those to create a new blog post.

For example, let's say that you find out people are searching for the "best" product of a type you sell as well as "cheap" products you sell. Bam! That's two blog ideas right there - one explaining the quality of products and one talking about how cost-effective it is.

Now multiply this by a few hundred keywords and you should have literally years worth of ideas.

Tip: Rotate through different keywords and make sure you're not writing on the subject too many times in a row.

That's boring for your readers, and worse, it's hard to write on the same subject for too long without repeating yourself. Instead, try to cycle through topics after a good amount of time has passed, and try to add some timely new information to each post.


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Follow These 4 Tips for Fresh Blog Topic Ideas

When you're all by yourself, the fountain of creativity will eventually run dry - you absolutely must get fresh ideas from an external source if you want to keep finding things to write about.

Once you know how to find topics, though, you'll never find yourself lacking something to write about - and that's how you keep a blog going and create online success!


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