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Are You Keeping Things Fresh on your small business website? Here are Four Ways to Optimize your website’s SEO Results Through blogging!

When most companies think of blogging, they're thinking about showing their expertise to readers and forming connections with them...but did you know that the mere act of blogging will help improve all of the website's SEO results?

4 Ways Blogging Improves SEO Results


Search engines like Google are always on the lookout for websites with fresh, new content being added to their pages. 

The general assumption is websites that are updated on a relatively frequent basis are more likely to be relevant to readers than sites that haven't changed in months or years.

It's also helpful to go back and update old pages every now and then, just to show that they're fresh for the reader.

 This is true even for pages that have evergreen content and are still relevant - search engines can't always tell the difference between evergreen pages and those that are no longer meaningful, so the more signals you can provide that the content is fresh, the better.


Clicks are another major factor in how a website ultimately ranks for each keyword. Results that have more clicks tend to rise to the top of the results page (because users are clearly finding something about that result to be appealing), while those with fewer clicks may drop off the front page entirely.

Clicks are measured for both individual pages and the website as a whole, and the more blog pages you have, the more clicks your website will be able to receive.

Even if each blog post only provides a relatively small number of clicks on a monthly basis, the cumulative effect of having hundreds of blog posts being clicked will quickly elevate your site over competitors who can't convince readers to visit them.


Alt-text offers search engines another way to find the content on the page - namely, by providing better descriptions for images and videos that people might be searching for. The more a search engine understands what kind of additional media is on your web page, the more likely it is to show that content for any search it thinks is relevant.

Various types of media also provide a direct boost to the page's overall score when alt-text is used.

To put it simply, search engines want to understand all of the content on a page, and they actively reward sites for making that easier to do.

Many companies forget about alt-text when they're creating blog posts, so remembering to add it in is another way of boosting your overall rank well above theirs. 

Social Media Links

Finally, blogging on your small business website offers an opportunity to add more social media links to the site - and this is an increasingly important factor in how SEO ranks are determined.

Sites are no longer judged solely by how people interact with the results pages - they're also judged by how people react once they've actually visited the site.

Social media links are important because they offer an opportunity for reader engagement with the page in question.

Search engines generally assume that pages people interact with are more interesting and relevant, so every time a user decides to share that post on social media, they're telling search engines that the content is worth seeing.

Most forms of social media have made it extremely easy to add share buttons to websites, and their added value for SEO results means there's no good reason to avoid them.

Learn more about using social media in your buisness: 7 Starting Points For Small Business Social Media Success 

Want to Succeed With Your Blog? Do It Right!

What all of this comes down to is a simple principle: If you want to succeed with blogging, you have to do it right.

Just throwing up a post a few times a week isn't enough to improve your results beyond a certain point.

Once the content itself is done, you have to make sure it's easy for search engines to interpret, enticing enough for readers to share, and relevant to the lives of people who see it.

It takes time for a website to be recognized, but once it is, it won't be long before you see your SEO efforts delivering more customers than ever before.

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