Inbound marketing starts with a great website because it’s often your digital first impression for your business. We work with clients to continuously update both visual and technical changes on their websites so it functions at peak performance and represents their brand.

Find Inspiration to Update Your Website

What do website updates look like? Below are four examples of clients’ websites that we have updated to make it easy to navigate, visually pleasing and optimized for search engines.


Dee PT


Screenshot (88)


Dee PT (new)

Dee PT, a physical therapy company in Vermont, started with a great basic website. It featured their important information, but it didn’t highlight that information in an exciting way.

Website redesign:

  • Streamlined navigation bar with straight-forward language
  • A stand out call-to-action (CTA) was implemented
  • Photographs were enlarged to add color and showcase physical activities
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) was embedded 

After their new site went live, Dee PT saw an immediate increase in organic traffic and conversions on the website. Including conversion optimization in conjunction with SEO is a must when rebuilding a site to help turn visitors into customers.


Vermont Nature Creations


Screenshot (86)


vermont nature creations (new)

Vermont Nature Creations creates hanging gardens to make growing plants indoors easy. When updating the website, focus was given to large photos of hanging water gardens to highlight how beautiful they can look in your home in a modern and stylish way. 

Website redesign:

  • eCommerce features were added to make buying hanging water gardens easy
  • SEO was embedded
  • Colors were updated to complement the logo
  • Blog is featured on the home page to share helpful tips about growing plants 

When Vermont Nature Creations website went live, the revenue on the site drastically increased. This was due to a more user friendly checkout process and the client's awesome promotion of the site on social media.



Metta Earth Institute


metta earth (old)


metta earth (new)

Metta Earth Institute is an educational retreat center focused on creating a resilient and sustainable community. The website update focused on giving the site a more modern feel while still showcasing the importance of nature and the institute’s work.

Website redesign:

  • Header and navigation bar were updated to simplify the visitor's experience
  • Colors were updated to compliment the logo
  • White space is utilized to help guide the the viewer's eyes
  • An event registration page was integrated for convenient event registration
  • SEO was embedded

Metta Earth Institute's improved user experience and SEO allowed them to communicate their services and products more efficiently, which generated business growth.


Nine East Network


nine east network (old)


nine east network (new)

Nine East Network, Vermont’s preeminent education consulting agency, had a very basic website that shared their information but didn’t draw the website visitor in. The website was given a professional look to better highlight the important work they are doing for children with language delays and hearing loss.

Website redesign:

  • Colors were updated to compliment the logo
  • A stand out CTA was implemented 
  • A consultant look-up feature was embedded to create ease when using this service
  • SEO was embedded 

After the website launched with improved user experience and added SEO features that allowed them to effectively communicate their services, Nine East Network saw growth in their business.

Websites are ever-evolving and it can be hard to keep up with updating and maintaining them, but it's important when engaging with both current and potential customers. For a website to be successful, it requires a strategic look and inventory on a regular basis. 

Training your internal marketing team member on how to use your website’s platform or outsourcing to an agency are both great ways to ensure technical and visual website maintenance is consistently happening.



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