Why Website Conversion and SEO Matters for Nonprofits


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Why Website Conversion and SEO Matters For Non-Profits

Are SEO and website conversion actually important for your non-profit website? Yes. In fact, they're some of the most affordable ways to improve your marketing efforts without straining your budget. Here are the ways they can help your non-profit:

1) Spreading awareness

One of the most important jobs of any nonprofit is spreading awareness about your mission... and that's pretty hard to do if people don't even know you exist. Spreading awareness should be a key part of your marketing strategy, because the more people you're capable of reaching, the more support you'll ultimately receive.

Of course, awareness alone isn't enough to actually solve an issue. However, it's an important first step - if your website has no views, then no matter how good its content is, you won't actually be able to convince anyone to do anything.

2) Attracting volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profits - indeed, as valued by Independent Sector, volunteer hours provided $184 billion worth of help in 2014 alone. The value your non-profit website brings in isn't always going to be in the form of donations... in fact, a single volunteer could be worth more than several donations, so it's absolutely worth trying to attract helpers whenever you can.

Most of the people willing to help you won't just wander into your office, though. Improving your SEO will help ensure that you can actually be found.


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3) Increasing fundraising

Good fundraising is often the key to your success - and a great website can bring in the money you need to accomplish your goals.

It's important to ensure you have a good user experience in place. The better the experience you offer, the more likely it is people will donate to you. This is especially true if you start using software like Google Analytics to track activity on your website and find out what kind of visitors and donors you actually have. For example, you may find that your donors skew younger... and as a whole, young donors are more likely to donate $10 than $100.

Asking for the right amount can drastically increase the amount of funding you receive, making this easily one of the most important things for your non-profit website to do.

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Getting Started

Properly improving your SEO and conversion rates takes effort, and it's not the sort of thing that will happen overnight. Don't try to focus your activities on pithy, original phrases - they're fun, but they're not what people are actually searching for. Instead, pay attention to popular keywords and the kinds of things your visitors may type in to a search engine.Copy_of_sailorsclub_6.jpg

At the same time, pay attention to any trends in your industry. Focus on an area such as demographics. Who donates the most, when do they donate, and how much is each donor likely to provide over time? By doing so, you can find the kind of repeat donors you want to have. Consider creating a few buyer personas to help you understand your audience better, and update them at least once a quarter.

How do buyer personas help my marketing efforts? Learn more about the power of buyer personas here.

It's also important to produce original content on a regular basis. The ideal content for a non-profit website is unique, valuable, and ultimately focused on encouraging visitors to support your goals in some way. A blog is a great way produce fresh and original content. It will allow you to get your message out there and encourage volunteers to join in on the fun. 

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