What Is Digital Marketing?


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What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Many people don't start off with the same kind of marketing perspective that agencies like ours have, so today I'd like to clarify what digital marketing really is and what you can expect if you decide to invest in it.

The Basics

Digital Marketing is any form of advertising that is delivered through interactive electronic devices, usually (but not quite exclusively) over the internet.

The following are essential elements to putting together a successful marketing program.

Optimized web design

Web design refers to the process of creating a web site that current and potential customers can access and use.

An optimized website is designed in a way that search engines can easily understand, which helps it get and maintain a decent ranking in search results. Most digital forms of marketing aren't effective if you don't have a website, so this is a fundamental part of the entire process.

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A responsive website is designed to display properly on many different devices. Put simply, what works with a wide desktop monitor may not work with a skinny smartphone display. Smartphones now account for a significant amount of the time people spend with digital devices, and having a responsive website ensures that you'll be able to reach the widest possible audience.

digital ads

"Digital ads" are one of several different techniques used for marketing to customers.

  • Text ads are what appear in places like Google and Bing search results. These generally don't have pictures and tend to be brief, but can get a lot of visibility on highly-searched terms. Many text ads are pay-per-click, which means they don't cost you anything unless and until someone actually clicks through to visit your site.
  • Display ads are larger than text ads and tend to include things like images or, more rarely, sound and video. They're designed to be very attention-getting, but due to banner blindness, these don't work well for most companies. The only real exception to this is ads on social media, which can produce positive responses. Even then, however, successful display ads tend to avoid being obvious about what they are.
  • Remarketing ads are a special kind of advertisement that's targeted to people who have already expressed interest in a product or service. Essentially, remarketing ads can be shown to the same person multiple times - although it's important to focus on targeting customers whose behavior suggests they're actually likely to buy.

keywordsWhat is Digital Marketing?

Keywords are specific words and phrases that people enter into a search engine to try and find. However, the words themselves are only one part of the picture - even more important is the intent behind a given keyword.

For example, "safe toys for children" isn't a phrase that's used by parents who will buy any toy presented to them - it's something used by a parent who specifically wants a safe toy, and they're far more likely to click on results that address this intent.

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Finally, keywords are often used in conjunction with buyer personas (realistic representations of customers) to drive success. Essentially, a buyer persona allows a company to determine whether or not a given keyword is something that a customer might actually search for.

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Bringing it all together

These are the fundamental components of digital marketing. Companies look for keywords that match what potential customers would search for, then create content and buy digital advertising based around those keywords. Both of those bring people to your company's website, where they will hopefully convert into customers.

It looks complex on the surface, but once you actually start doing it, you'll find that it's an effective way of growing your business and getting a solid return on your investment.

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