What are the Best Realtor Websites Sites with IDX?


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What are the Best Realtor Websites Sites with IDX?

When it comes to realtor website design, access to the IDX - the Internet Data Exchange - is an absolute must. It is the system that allows you to display MLS listings on your website.

The IDX alone isn't enough to create a great realtor website...

It's also important to have easy search functions, local content, a pleasing site design, and local listings on the home page... all while showing off great photography and targeting a specific audience.

Most of these realtor site requirements fall under the overall header of realtor website design, and when the base of your site is set up well, the rest will follow naturally.

To help with that, I'd like to show you four examples of sites that mix the IDX with great visuals. You don't need to copy any of these exactly, but take a close look to see how they've made things work.

1) Lea Van Winkle, Realtor/ Broker

This site, run by Lea Van Winkle, a Vermont based Sotheby's Realtor, has most of the basic information front-and-center on their site, starting with a few highlighted properties. Above that, we see a menu bar with a number of important links - featured properties, searching by town, and so on.

Below the main listings is the search bar, allowing for properties to be searched by their most fundamental components (location, price, beds, and baths). Below this, we have a few more links to provide information about the realtor - that human touch is important - before wrapping up with a number of helpful blog posts.

However, the thing that really establishes this site is its background photograph, showing trees, snow, and a mountain. This is only appealing to people looking for certain kinds of properties, and that's good - it helps to sort visitors by encouraging those looking for something else to leave. By doing so, their information doesn't clutter up the analytics of the site, allowing its owner to get better data on their actual visitors.

What are the Best Realtor Websites Sites with IDX?2) Vermont Luxury Condos

Let's take a moment to appreciate this site's name - those three words all by themselves are enough to tell visitors whether or not this is the realtor they're looking for. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done, and that often matters more for a realtor's long-term success.

This name is reinforced with the main background picture on the site, which emphasizes the kind of upscale locations they're focused on offering. This realtor website design has the search bar front and center, with text below it that encourages people to scroll down and learn more. If they do, they're presented with a few guides, then shown some highlighted properties for sale.

All-in-all, this is a solid example of a real estate website doing everything it should be.

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3) Douglas Elliman

Names aren't quite as effective as location and style descriptions, but the actual design of this site is solid. The focus picture of the New York City skyline makes it clear that this is a site for city living, and the late evening time of the photo offers color and clarity without being as glaring as a mid-day picture.

Below this, we see their use of the IDX with a section of listed properties - and this is good, although the fact that it starts with the most expensive properties might turn away people who would be looking for more affordable locations. Following that, we get areas broken down by neighborhood. All in all, there's a lot to like with this design.

4) The Joffe Group

Video isn't always a great choice, but if you're going to use it at all, go big - and that's what this site does. One of the most important parts of realtor website design is evoking the idea of living in a region, and the gorgeous clips of Arizona certainly accomplish that.

You have to scroll down a little further than I'd like to get to the listings - and the site definitely needs a search bar to be truly useful to its visitors - but this is a great example of what catering to wealthier buyers looks like.

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