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Five Things We Love About Squarespace for Web Design

Squarespace is a great choice for small to medium sized businesses. This is what we love about it!

This particular platform is known to be used by about 0.5% of websites - which sounds low until you realize that most websites aren't business sites. If you're thinking about creating  a new website

Image is Everything - Why Real Estate Websites Need Great Photos

Why Realtors Should Be Using Great Images

The internet is increasingly dominated by images. Proof of this can be found in the popularity of visually oriented social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Why Squarespace Web Design Is A Perfect Small Business Solution

When it comes to designing a website for a small business, there's a lot to love about mainstream platforms. Here's why Squarespace web design could be the perfect solution for your company's needs.

How Can Your Small Business Have a Successful Website?

How can my small business have a successful website?

Having a successful website isn't as hard as many companies believe. Here's what you should keep in mind.

3 SEO Tips for Your Real Estate Website

Not every page on a real estate website is equal when it comes to SEO - especially if you overlook some of the most important things to include on each page. Here are the elements you should consider when creating both individual pages and your site as a whole.

5 Surprising Web Design Tips - Simple Is The Key to Success

Web Design - Keep it Simple

In the bold world of web design, companies often experiment with new ideas and ways of engaging with their audience - and that's a good thing. In the end, though, simple and strategic site design is often the key to success.

6 Essential Pages for a Successful Real Estate Website

What Pages Should You Focus on to Create A Successful Real Estate Website? 

5 Skills to Look for in a Web Design Services Agency

Having the Long View with Web Design...

There are many schools of thought when it comes to web design - but before you ask somebody to start making a website for you, ask whether or not they have these five important skills.

5 Reasons WordPress Is Still The Best Choice

With many options out there for designing a website, why is WordPress still the best choice?

5 Reasons Not to Develop a Custom CMS Website

You need a new website or a re-design of your current one. You've heard of popular website platforms such as SquareSpace and WordPress as well as a custom CMS Website.

Which is the best choice for you? 

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