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4 New Squarespace Innovations for 2017

Template-based, drag-and-drop tools have democratized website design.

No longer are HTML coding skills a prerequisite for designing and maintaining an awesome site.

How Website Plugins Superpower Your Site

Here's our rundown of key plugin functions

The term “plug-in” comes up a lot in the world of website development, and it’s interesting to step back and reconnect with the word’s etymology.

4 Tips for Bolstered Online Security

Follow these steps to stay ahead of the curve


4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Video for Lead Generation

It’s hard to argue with the idea that video is our most powerful storytelling medium

As a business owner or non-profit leader with a great story to tell, using video can leave a lasting impact on the people you want to reach.

The Do's and Don'ts of Live Chat for Websites

Customer satisfaction through live Chat Software

Live chat software is on the rise throughout the web, and for good reason: It has the best customer satisfaction track record of any customer service platform. Seventy-three percent of customers reported positive chat experiences, compared with 44...

4 Elements of Great Mobile Realtor Websites

Take your business anywhere with a mobile optimized website

5 Tips for Simplifying Your Website

If I asked you to envision the internet’s most popular website, what would pop into your head?

It might not be what you think.

4 Vital Guidelines for Mobile Website Design

Pathways to Success on the Mobile web

The portals through which people can access your website are expanding, and your website has to adapt to remain fully functional.

Going Down? The Pros and Cons of Scrolling Website Design

Have you noticed the pages you visit as you surf the web getting loooooonger?

Many of the most compelling new websites are keeping visitors on one content-rich page, instead of leading them to load new page after new page to discover new content.

4 Essentials of a Winning Social Media Calendar

There is an immediacy to social media that makes it intoxicating. It is also relentless.

For a business owner trying to sustain a stream of timely, relevant engagement with your audience, your social media pages are always calling. But there is a way to minimize unplanned descents into social...

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