Why It's Important to Create Your Own Branded Realtor Website


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Why It's Important to Create Your Own Branded Realtor Website

Most large brokerage firms offer website platforms for their own Realtors to use.

This is certainly an acceptable option, especially for Realtors who are just beginning in the profession. However creating your own branded Realtor website has so many benefits - read on to find out what they are!

The Benefits of Your Own Branded Realtor Website

There is a great advantage to working with your brokerage firm and developing a co-branded website. It allows you to leverage the power of a well-known agency while establishing your own brand with a website that is unique to you.  

With your own website you can choose every aspect to reflect your personality and convey what you have to offer that will appeal to your target audience.

Brand Aesthetics

Everything from your font choice to your background colors to your logo can have an impact on your viewers and potential customers.

Determining your target audience, and then choosing a look that will appeal to them, while also reflecting your own personality, is a big benefit of creating your own website.

Large brokerage firms have well known and established branding that is instantly recognizable to the public. This is great, as the presence of their logo on your own website can help establish trust with your customers.

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But it’s important for people to also get an idea of how you operate and what they can expect when they meet you. Much like an invitation sets the tone for a party - your website can let visitors know a little more about you through your brand aesthetic. If your brand appeals to them, chances are you will too.  

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Personalized Messaging

Building your own website means you have the freedom to include components that can add value and attract your audience.

Do you have a specialty, a particular audience you are hoping to attract? Do you specialize in certain communities or neighborhoods?  Personalizing your messaging on your website and showing your expertise will keep your content targeted, and attract visitors that will match up with your offerings.

Creating your own website means you have control over what sort of information you think is most important for your audience to know.

Why It's Important to Create Your Own Branded Realtor WebsiteThis includes community pages, descriptions of popular neighborhoods, links to local contractors with whom you do business, etc.

Your own branded blog roll is another opportunity to personalize your messaging and connect with your ideal audience. Blogs can improve your SEO and increase your chances of being found through internet searches.

By creating and maintaining your own website, you can control the look and content of your blog, and share it on social media so that readers will be directed back to your website, your listings, and your messaging.

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Leveraging the Power of Your Brokerage Firm

Co-branding with your brokerage firm can be tricky. Many firms have strict parameters for Realtors wanting to establish personalized websites. However, it is a great opportunity to be able to establish your own brand and presence in your market, while leveraging the tools a larger firm has to offer.

Depending on the firm, by co-branding, you may have access to benefits such as integrated MLS systems, resources, internal support, technical support, links into customer and lead management systems, and name recognition.

Do you have questions about co-branding your own Realtor website with your brokerage firm? Contact Us!

We have experience working with Realtors to create personalized and successful websites!

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