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Jeff Hill

I am an analytical person. I leverage data and analytics for all of our programs, ensuring that our clients are meeting or exceeding their goals!
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What's New for WordPress in 2017

Details on WordPress' latest release and capabilities

WordPress is the clear leader of the pack for open-source web development platforms.

4 New Squarespace Innovations for 2017

Template-based, drag-and-drop tools have democratized website design.

No longer are HTML coding skills a prerequisite for designing and maintaining an awesome site.

How Website Plugins Superpower Your Site

Here's our rundown of key plugin functions

The term “plug-in” comes up a lot in the world of website development, and it’s interesting to step back and reconnect with the word’s etymology.

4 Tips for Bolstered Online Security

Follow these steps to stay ahead of the curve


5 Ways to Increase Your WordPress Website Security

Wordpress Is a Great Platform for Hosting a Site, but It's Only as Secure as Your Last Update.

Like most types of website-creating software, WordPress is constantly being updated to help it keep up with the needs of its users - and the majority of security breaches happen because someone is...

Five Best WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

WordPress is a great platform, and we highly recommend it when creating your small business website.

Plugins are a great idea when you want to tailor your website to meet specific needs. There are tons to choose from and if you're feeling overwhelmed, we can help! Below are our top pics for...

What Realtors Need to Know About Digital Marketing in 2017

Digital Marketing Should Be The Cornerstone Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy 

Digital marketing for Realtors is not only important, it has really become the cornerstone of a successful Real Estate Marketing program. As we begin a new year, the statistics speak for themselves.

The National...

Why Local SEO Is Important for Realtors

Building an SEO Plan That Focuses on Marketing in and Around Your Current Location Is Vital for Realtors

In fact, four out of every five consumers conduct local searches, so let's take a closer look at why local SEO for Realtors can make an impact on your overall success.

What Elements Make a Good E-Commerce Website?

There Are a Few Things That Really Help When You're Trying to Get Your e-commerce Website Design to Stand out from the Crowd

Let's take a look at three successful sites and what elements make a good e-commerce website:

Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We Explain a Few Common Mistakes That Can Cause Your SEO to Take a Hit

Review your website and adjust as necessary so that your target audience can find you easily!

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What's New for WordPress in 2017

Details on WordPress' latest release and capabilities...

Why It's Important to Create Your Own Branded Realtor Website

Most large brokerage firms offer website platforms for...

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5 Ways to Determine if You need an Overhaul or If You Can...